Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello! In honor of spring, I have been doing some spring cleaning :) in the blog world that is! I have now migrated to

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Once You Go Black, You'll Never Go Back

No fuss, just black. That's how my grandma drinks her joe. I usually just put a splenda or stevia in my coffee, but I decided to cold-turkey start drinking my coffee black. Taking out the cream and sugar helps cut down on your calorie intake. Why not shave off where you can?

If coffee is a real treat for you, then I say, find a healthier alternative for your cream/sugar/syrup fixins and let yourself have the occasional treat. It will keep you from going insane with deprivation.

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Who Wants a Transformation?

*Faith raises hand*

Don't tell anyone, but...I went for a walk last night. It felt...weird. It was nice to be back in my running shoes again. I am eagerly awaiting the day when I can once again feel the pounding of the ground and the warmth of my muscles coming alive. Ahhh sweet bliss.

I am ready to slowly began rehab to get myself back into running shape. My plan is to spend the next 4 weeks awakening the muscles and slowly build back the strength. It will take a lot longer than 4 weeks, but my plan is to assess over the next 4 weeks. AFTER THAT, I would like to begin the H.I.T transformation routine again! If you were following me last year, I did the Fitness Rx H.I.T transformation in November (but did not post about progress). Stay tuned and you can join me. I'll post meal plans and workout routines for both home-monkeys and gym-monkeys. If you do not have a gym membership I do recommend you get 3 progressive weights, a jump rope, green level theraband and running shoes (importance).

Hope everyone is eating clean! Diet is 80% of your health & fitness.