Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Losing and Improving

Weight Report I officially dropped a pound. I am now consistently weighing in at 121.0. Rock on.

Milestone: arrived home from airport. unpacked running shoes. went running.

Milestone: ran 3.3 miles and finished 4 miles with a brisk walk at a 7% grade incline.

Diet The husband and I made a pact to stop eating out for the purpose of convenience. I have been making or preparing breakfast every morning, packing lunches and cooking well balanced meals every day since we got back. our new motto: "as close to the ground as possible" We have decided to revamp our diet to be clean. Example: we made homemade applesauce instead of mott's all natural. We include the skin in our processing so we get ALL the nutrients from the apple. We add a little cinnamon but no sugar (it doesn't need any). Blended with a small portion of water during processing.

My current cheat food: small portion of super low sugar vanilla yogurt (O-organics) with 2 med strawberries and pinch of fresh coconut.

My I-can't-take-it-anymore food: a tsp of Nutella on a half slice of dark rye toast.

Current personal goal: Weaning myself away from energy drinks and coffee. switching to tea. (no special reason, just a personal decision...I do this sometimes.) I love green tea and various black tea grades.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flying the Coup!

Wow...I didn't lose any weight. That's ok. I am proud of myself that I didn't gain any in the midst of the 3 birthday celebrations. That means my workouts are solid. My diet is pretty clean and I make a few exceptions here and there. I am totally loving life and not feeling restricted by diet goals at all!

I missed last night's workout because I was carless. My husband took my car to work (to work again after dinner) and he took both cars' keys with him! haha! I couldn't even run outside because you need a key fob to get back in the building! I tried to do the house work with lots of squatting, deadlift style bending to pick things up, oblique rotations to reach things and all with quick movements to make an almost-cardio out of it. Gotta get it in SOMEhow!!!

I was up till midnight doing laundry and trying to get the place ready for us to leave. I don't want anything growing in my sink or fridge while I'm gone.

My diet will change while I'm in the Philippines just because of what is available (and NOT available). So, starting today, I am going to start prepping my body for the diet change. I am drinking tons of water and eating mostly fruits and fiber with protein here and there. Why prep? My body will be doing a lot of adjusting when we get there - time zone, bad water, weather, dust, humidity... Even though I know the body can handle it, I want to give my body an easy transition, so that I can stay strong and avoid getting sick!

With one day left before we leave I am FINALLY getting excited.

Weight Report: 122.2