Friday, October 30, 2009

Running a Race to Train for a Race

I am training for an 8 miler, so I will be running a 10k next week as my half-way point.

Unfortunately I got a little sick on Tuesday night, so I was only able to complete 3 miles on Wednesday. Today I am feeling much better but I can tell I am at the fork - I could either get sick, or I could get well. I will be sitting tonight's run out and hope for a Saturday run.

Leaving Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to get those last miles in.

Saturday: 4.5
Next week
Sunday: 5
Monday: 5
Wednesday: 5
Friday: 3.5-4
Saturday: Race day

Yahoo! is very bad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

60 minutes

Weight Report: 119

60 minutes on the mill. Boom baby!

I took my speed down quite a bit to ensure I could complete the hour without injuring myself. It felt great and I could have definitely kept going, but I need to stay within the boundaries.

I'll do this for the whole week, so I will be trying to pick up the pace. Then next week bump up the time!!

Goal: to run 1.5 hours for 2 weeks prior to race. (that way the last half hour wont seem like too much more)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Goals

I really want to push myself and one way I love to accomplish that is....SIGN UP FOR A RACE!

Turkey Trot 2009, baby! Its an Thanksgiving morning annual "fun run" so you can race it or you can run it. You can even jog or walk! Participants register for whatever suits them best. The 5k fun run is for families and runners.

2007 I had a blast running this with my girlfriend. I was still recovering from knee injuries, but we still made pretty good time. She was kind enough to walk a few breaks in between.

I just registered for this year's run...8 miler, here I come.

5 weeks to train.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I can't belive this cost $115

Grocery list
2% cottage cheese
O-organics Plain yogurt (only 6g of sugar! but im still in search for a lower sug count or ZERO)
2% milk

Mandarin oranges
Russet potatoes
broccoli (flash frozen is sometimes more packed with nutrients than "fresh" because it is frozen immediately after harvest)
Carrots, peas, and green beans combo (frozen)

Ground turkey
Chicken breast
Ground Top Sirloin
Scallops (frozen at sea)

Shaved deli turkey (not packaged...that has too much sodium)
Sliced Chicken

double fiber bread
whole wheat hogie bread

Yogi Tea - Defense sampler

Organic dehydrated apple rings
Organic dehydrated non-sulphered mango pieces
Jello Sugar free Pudding - Boston Cream pie (*New flavor)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't look!

I have been really maintaining my focus and it has been surprisingly easy!! No pain-staking deprivation feelings! I have not been trying to do anything (ie "lose weight"), but eat right and clean (no junk). Today I weighed in and I lost weight! ?????? how funny....well, I will continue rocking this and tonight I am looking forward to a 30 minute run. I remembered the rule: "If the scale becomes your god, don't look". I pulled my focus away from the "goal weight" and made my new goal to be "eat clean". That made quite a difference in even my attitude. Like I said...this week was surprisingly easy.


Weight report: 119.6

Grocery list
2% cottage cheese
skim milk
assorted fruits
broccoli (flash frozen is sometimes more packed with nutrients than "fresh" because it is frozen immediately after harvest)
baby carrots
bok choy
Ground turkey
Chicken breast
Shaved deli turkey (not packaged...that has too much sodium)
Sliced deli black forest ham (for omelets)
Jalepeno tortillas (for wraps)
whole wheat berry bread
jewish rye
fish oil
Emerald Green (order through rep)

Happy healthy eating~

Energy Balls Recipe


½ c Quaker oats
½ c organic flaxseed
½ c Organic no-stir peanut butter (they recommend crunchy, but I only had smooth)
1 tbsp organic honey
1 cup chocolate chips XXX(Instead of choc chips: 2 tbsp nutella OR 1 more tbsp honey + 1 tbsp nutella )
Wheat germ


Mix all ingredients by hand or wooden spoon. Roll into balls.
Roll balls in wheat germ to coat.
Store in fridge. (They will harden like a chocolate truffle consistency. Chewy but not tacky)

Comment from FK: The first batch I did it with 2 tbsp nutella and it was amazing. The second time I did more honey, less nutella, for a more organic batter. Awesome batch as well. So, obviously this recipe is incredibly flexible to your taste buds…

Next combo I would like to try: sunflower seeds/almonds coarsely chopped with raisins/cranberries and yogurt chips.

This recipe is actually a fantastic set of elements for your man's health. Share the treats to boost his health!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Ate Today

1 scoop of Emerald Green in 8oz water with a dash of Crystal Light SF pomegranate
BREAKFAST: 1/2 c Fiber One Honey Clusters with reduced fat milk
Lipton Cinnamon Apple tea - not sweetened
Peanut butter crackers (pkg of 6) OOPS!
Natural green tea - not sweetened
LUNCH: Pei Wei Vietnamese Salad Rolls (2 of 3) and a hot 8 oz Dragon Oolong tea
Natural green tea - not sweetened
Caramel flavored tea - not sweetened
SNACK: 1/2 zucchini raw and 1 serving Mott's No Sugar Added pomegranate Applesauce

Not bad!


Rope Diet Vs Noose Diet

A word for reality. Highly motivated with a strong will to eat clean and live strong, but life happens...

They key to a healthy lifestyle is making your diet and fitness plans an actual lifestyle.

I know this, but I still continually put myself on stringent diets and strict schedules for spurts at a time because I love punishing myself. My revamp is "as close to the ground as possible" (as mentioned in previous post). I decided I will have a clean focus --key word: focus--instead of a mental list of a thousand no-no foods. The idea is that you stay clear of what you know you shouldn't have, find healthy alternative foods for things you want, and eat with a purpose. I eat foods that give me energy in the morning and pack my diet full of nutrient rich foods. I have been enjoying not NEEDING caffeine! I still consume coffee when I want or green and black teas, but I don't NEED the caffeine. I feel so strong.

How to implement. I went through my entire pantry, refrigerator and freezer and threw away all the crap. I went to the grocery store and restocked with organic cereals, wide variety of fruits, great selection of various veggies -including peppers and roots!--, cottage cheese, lean meats poultry seafood, green tea, flax seed (for making PB snack balls), milk, tofu, toasted nori (seaweed) and zip loc baggies (to make ready to eat baggies of fresh cut veggies or fruit).

I call this the rope method. Keep yourself in tight reign so you won't stray, but don't have it so tight that you snap! The key is a lifestyle that you can maintain.