Friday, December 19, 2008

Op Liquid heavy: Week 1 of 8: Days 36-41

Mental Reminder: Day 41 better have NO sweets

Note: I want to start waking up every morning at 5:30 so I can have time to do pilates after my QT and still leave time for breakfast.

Day 40 Friday
3 choc covered mini pretzels
3 choc truffles
(oh yeah...this is gonna be a baaaad day)
coffee with cream
cup of baked potato soup
caffeine pill
SF lemonade
coffee with cream
2 key lime white choc cookies
Green tea

Day 39 Thursday
1 english muffin + 1 tsp of peanut butter
coffee with cream
hot tea
california roll
Crawfish roll
sour patch kids

Day 38
I forgot to document, but I do remember I had a half of a tall non-fat gingersnap latte knowing full well I am supposed to reserve sweets for weekends)
1 english muffin + 1 tsp of peanut butter
coffee with cream
small can of scotch broth and barley

Day 37 Tuesday
Hot cocoa
1 english muffin + 1T jelly
cups hot tea
1 can chicken rice soup

Hot cocoa

1 small can scotch broth with barley
mashed potatoe soup

Day 36 Monday
8.15 Hot cocoa
1 english muffin + 1T jelly
cups hot tea
cups hot cocoa
cups hot cocoa
cups hot tea
1 can chicken rice soup
white choc truffle
whole grain loaf
3.5 thin taquitos

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here I go again...I must be bored...I got the sudden urge to buy a new kayak, which was quickly overtaken by the desire to go diving paired with the purchase of jet skiis...which was overtaken by my desire to purchase a dirt bike...which was surpassed by my urge to get that mountain bike I've been wanting for a while....Then I remembered my skateboard...and the cello...

Not sure where to start but I'm ready to go mud fight someone, or back pack for the weekend, or SOMETHING! ...maybe my husband needs to hurry up and get back from his business trip!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 36

Alrighty...just about there. Got clearance to start the workout routines back up! I need to cut back on the holiday munching and running.

Sheesh...I can feel the affects of my bad eating...need to shape up them habits! I'm usually so good...marriage is messing with groove ^_^

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 24 - not yet...

Still in too much pain to exert myself so I will have to hold off for a couple more days perhaps.

Today's menu
low-fat mozz cheese stick
sugar free vanilla pudding with mini wafers
baked potatoe soup
left over chicken salad with jal. on whole grain bread
slice of low-fat cheddar cheese
Dinner TBD

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 23 - premature workout...should I?

07:40a crackers with my coffee
10:20a 1/2 sandwhich; chicken salad with jalapenos
12:30p Hungry again - perfect timing!

I think tonight I will start doing leg lifts and maybe body weight squats

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 22 - no more junk...seriously

Because of the craziness of our schedule and last minute things we have had to squeeze in between, my efforts towards eliminating "junk" was far from successful. I was able to avoid sweets and junk food at home, but I have eaten at chickfile a few times now and chipotle once or twice. I finally had to tell my husband that I needed his help. So no more Fudruckers for me for a while, no more chipotle, chick fil-e, pizza...Thankfully my husband is SO supportive.

Granola bars, organic chai, and a 1/2 cup of java was today's morning menu. Too light of a food-set for my normal regimin, but given that I could not workout last week and I will not be able to workout for another 2 weeks, it is necessary to cut back (or keep it lean).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 16 - The day before Thanksgiving Eve

I am prepping myself...gearing up...readying my mind for the battles to come regarding holiday feasts and treats. My husband is already waning and we have not even arrived at our Thanksgiving vacay location! haha!

I have been a very good girl the past few days especially while I have not been feeling well. So I have a pretty good head start on the holiday. I feel pretty strong about facing the festive feasts even if I have to do it alone ;)

Today: Tuna, yogurt, black tea, and granola muffins!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 13 - Saturday

Sore muscles from Friday's events, so woke up late and needed something light. Ramen, though not the healthy choice, was all I felt up to. It's already nearly 2pm, so today's events will be mild and not so entertaining me thinks.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 11 - Date night

Last night we picked up my husband's muscle car - he just got a Fast intake and cam. Put us behind schedule so he decided we would go to Chick-fil-e. Ugh. I told him I didn't want to go, but he didnt think we had much of a choice given the small amount of time we had. So I buckled. I consider that "offense#1" to my "30 day no junk" efforts. Oh well, life goes on.

My workout yesterday was something different - I alternated running with abs. Run, Abs, run, abs.

Tonight is date night. and it also marks the first of approx 21 days sabbatical from the gym to concentrate on various projects, instruments, and thank you notes that I have been unable to do since I got married. It will be tough to pull myself from the gym, but I know this is the only way.

I love fitness.

7.30 Protein bar
9.30 Nutrient water
11.30 protein shake
1.30 sched lunch
3.30 protein bar

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 10 - Last day of tortillas and other random notes

Yesterday's workout was AWESOME! put in a solid 1.67 run (I know thats not far, but that is progress for my previously injured knees, my cardiovascular system, and muscular endurance). The run was followed by straight-arm lat pull downs 40lbs, tricep extensions 40lbs, and BWdips (4 sets of 12). I finished off with a solid ab workout including obliques, planks, planks with weight, and sweeps. Ahh I love my life.

Salmon with lime and terriyaki with okra was delicious.

eggs with jalapenos in small tortilla (I think from now on I wont be eating my eggs in a tortilla...might as well cut out the carb)
Snack - protein bar

Thai shredded chicken with cabbage, spinach, carrots and sesame seeds in paper rice wrapper with cucumber salad. yumm. And Bombay Chai tea
Snack - protein bar + yogurt

Postworkout - my husband's famous protein shake

Swordfish steaks and steamed veggies

Today I am looking forward to another solid run after killing it on the pull up machine (heh heh with assist ^_^) my goal is to do them without assist by the end of the year - totally doable.

Side note...I think I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I can't remember the last time I did that. Not that weight matters, but I am kind of curious all of a sudden.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 9 - Truckin along

Woohoo - Today is going to be an awesome workout. I'm so excited about running today. I 'll throw in a few sets of pullups before and after the run. Not sure what to eat for dinner tonight...hmmm OOoo SALMON!!! Southwest salmon aaaannndd ockra!

Does black tea make you retain water?

progress in stability and balance have made obvious leaps.
all the super sets I have been doing for the past month and a half paired with the long biking with difficult intensity have improved my cardio significantly. Looking forward to a good run today as a result of the past month.

I need to force myself to get good sleep.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 8 - Minute Monday

Monday is the regular day off. I'm trying to keep my food lean today.

Woke up late so just grabbed a giant pear and banana to hold me over till I could make something.

Late breakfast was 1/4 avocado and tomatoes with greens and grilled chicken bundled in a wheat tortilla.

If I can just stick to the good eating habits I'll be doing great. I think I am going to make a pact with myself. No junk for 30 days. With the exception of tasting my sister's baked goods over Thanksgiving. She never bakes, so I definitely need to taste her concoction. I am sure it will be amazing, so I better limit myself (or chalk it off to "moral support" ^_^). I won't even try my OWN pumpkin cheescake that I am going to bake. This is going to be fun. I love short term goals. 30 days is SO doable.

So no junk till day 38. I'll be honest and post if I fail. This will keep me accountable.

I guess this means that this non-fat gingersnap latte I am sipping is the last of my lattes for a while. Good thing they accidentally made me a grande instead of the tall that I ordered ^_^. Better yet, why wait....gingersnap is going in the trash. *toss*

Lunch - shredded chicken with roasted red peppers, crushed peppercorns and grapes-all piled between 2 delicious 15-grain-bread slices, YUMM-AY!

Life rocks.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 5 - The weekend battle

Friday is my favorite night to go out. I love to salsa - I love to dance! I have a lot of pieces to plow through on the piano though, so I doubt tonight will allow me to dance. At least I will have time for a quick hour and a half at the gym.

I'm really digging these herbal teas. I'm sipping on Harney & Sons white peach tea. I'm not a peach fan, nor a big white tea fan, but this one is good. I prefer black teas, spiced chai, or green tea with min (Moroccan!).

Last night I ate a 1/3lbs lean burger (but heck...its still a burger) and I ate fries. Gosh, what a bad idea. I need to get serious about my diet intake or else i'm never going to widdle my middle ^_^.

Shoulders and Triceps are big on my list today along with a fun 1.5 run.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 4 - Off day

Tonight is date night! This is the weekly "off day", so I like to keep my meals clean and lean.

Started breakfast late today
07:45 Protein shake (meal replacement quantitiy)
Black chai tea
12:45 Tuna, plain
03:00 Protein shake

Lunch time Pilates - Did a 15 minute pilates core workout. so refreshing!

Tonight's festivities...I will practice the piano, go out with the husband for some grub and good laughs, then probably more piano and laundry to finish off the night. I love my life.

Has anyone heard of "Green Miracle"? I don't buy into its "miraculous healing power", but the contents of the powder are actually beneficial for women. It has a lot of great ingredients that keep your metabolism at a healthy rate (and boost it) (ginko, green tea) as well as some extracts that are great for your blood (like bromelain, a pineapple extract). Other extracts in there are not scientifically proven, but experientially I have seen the added benefits of these elements when taken individually. My sister in law told me about the powder (she swears by it) and after reading its contents I may try it too, since it contains elements I already like for well-being. I'm not one of those all natural fanatics, but I like what green tea, bromelain, arnica montana, and vitamin C do for me, so I may try out the "Green Miracle" ^_^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 3 - no go

06:45 2 scrambled eggs + 1 pancake

dips superset with
lateral raise in squat position
overhead press
bent-arm side lift (delts)front raise (ant delts)
hanging lateral raise

1.5 run

* * *
I feel sick dang it. I thought maybe I could just lift and not do the run, but got up from the piano and felt like I was going to hurl. I better sit this one out. Much to my dismay...but my husband actually made me stay home. He just left for the gym and I am disgustingly jealous. erg...I normally would work through it, but with the way I feel, I think that would be foolish. It's one thing to vomit when running out doors...another thing when its on a treadmill at a public gym.

Day 3 - morning thoughts

yesterday after-math
Abs feel awesome - just a hint of soreness when I flex. Perfect. Back is feeling a bit sensitive today. I think I worked it a little harder than it is used to. I'll compensate by doing excersises tonight that are low impact on my back. I am sure by tomorrow it will feel normal again.

* * *

Tonight is "game night" where my husband and I get together with other couples. It is a always a fabulous time, but my workouts have been hard to keep up on Wednesdays since we started going. Just because I barely have time after work to cook dinner and if I went to the gym I would be gross! Tonight I think I am going to try. Perhaps I will try to keep the sweating down to a minimum and maybe do a quick freshening up before heading out. I also REALLY BADLY need to practice the piano because I am filling in for our pianist on Sunday. Eek...I just got the list and it's a doosey...I really need a few solid hours a night to get this down in time. Maybe all day Saturday too. It probably would be irresponsible of me to go to game night tonight since Thursday is also taken up leaving only Friday and Saturday to practice, but we'll see.

I'm off to meet my dad for some grub!


Day 2 - game plan

Food Log
07:30 Ham and veggie omelet, coffee
11:30 Protein 20(g) shake
01:00 Grilled Chicken & shrimp with green beans, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots over brown rice
06:00: Protein shake
09:00 Grilled apple chicken and broccoli

During Lunch hour - 15 min pilates yeah...didn't happen...
During Dinner prep - stretching

Attempt workout
5 pull ups
Lat pull down - superset with overhead press
Straight-arm lat pull down
Seated row
25 Deadlifts
Run 1m
Pull ups with assist till failure

Actual workout
8 pull upsLat pull down - superset with Straight-arm lat pull downPull ups with assist till failure
Lumberjack with 45-50lbs45 Deadlifts
Lunges with medicine-ball twist and knee raise
Warm stretching
Standing cable crunch 45lbs
Lumberjack with 45-50lbs
Pull ups with assist till failure
Warm stretching
It was a dang good workout ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Turning Point

Today I realized I have no excuse. Sure, celebrities make their living out of having great bodies for the camera, but they have crazy lives too. Today marks the first day of my viscious trek to the best physical fitness of my life.

I am the VP of a firm that handles investments for retirement savings. I am newly married, I mentor 3 highschool girls every Monday night, I play in an orchestra, I help my mom clean her house every other week, I cook every night (except date night), I am a facebook junkie, I watch anime with my husband, and I love skateboarding, learning new instruments and languages (currently working on cello, flute, and Japanese). Sometimes I wonder how I will make it. Sometimes the load gets too heavy and break down. I get overwhelmed and I over commit, but my husband is always there to pick me up, or to remind me to slow down periodically. God uses my husband to keep me sane. So here it goes. My busy life will now take on one more challenge. I am so ready for this.

This journey is dedicated to my husband and every woman out there who doesn't know if its possible.