Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Such a Rebel...(but a good rebel)

Yesterday was date night. We went to TGIF and I ordered the "Thai Chicken Wrap" with a dry salad as my side. I ate nearly the entire thing and dipped occasionally in the honey-lime dressing that normally is IN the wrap, but I requested it to be on the side. That was me eating unhealthy. I am so proud of myself because my "unhealthy standards" are on the "healthy eats" side of the menu haha.

I had a cup of coffee after the meal and a couple bites of my husbands cheesecake. Totally worth it.

Date Night. We bought a super awesome looking journal from Barnes & Noble and brought it with us to the restaurant. After dinner, we ordered our dessert and busted out the journal. The mission - to think of memories we have shared together and jot them down as we think of them. We thought about the first night we noticed each other and each wrote about what we remembered. We talked and laughed as we reminisced that night. We had so much fun reminiscing that one memory that we didnt have time for any others. It was getting late so we called it a night, but the journal is on our coffee table waiting for the next time one of us recalls another memory.

Yesterday was my off day and MUCH needed. my poor legs were killed last week. Today its back on. Cardio and legs. I will do sets of dips in between each leg exercise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Weeks of Perfection

In order to reach my goals, I am going to being eating a perfectly. My diet structure has been revamped. My plan is to force myself to eat perfectly for 6 weeks. (will take me to the end of August) During the 6 weeks I will be evaluating my energy, weight, BF%, muscle recovery, financial affect on grocery budget, digestion rate and hunger rate. What I am trying to accomplish is determining....1) is this manageable; 2) is it worth it; 3) how does my body respond to slight changes.

I had been eating very clean and working out hard and strong, but last week I ate 3 donuts over the course of the day and to my surprise, I have gained weight and my energy levels dropped [over the course of 4 days I monitored myself and realized my metabolism had slowed and so, though I ate good foods and in same quantity as usual, I gained]. I didn't want to blame the donuts because I thought that one day would be ok since I am really doing so very well and working out so hard...but wow...I proved what I always say "YES! This ONE time WILL hurt". Blueberry cake donuts and chocolate cake doughnut holes are my favorite...and they are what sent me overweight sophomore yr college. I can only blame myself for not saying no.

I will enlist my husband and give him the "ok" to correct me even in public if necessary to prevent me from eating things that are not in my diet plan.

***PLEASE READ****I am not trying to put myself on a short term diet, I am actually trying to discover what meal plan works for my lliefstyle and body type. I am VERY AGAINST short term and fad related diets. 6 weeks is long enough to give you an IDEA of how your body responds, but the best length of time is 6 months to 1 year...but life is too short to evaluate so accurately ^_^.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Am a Fitness Professional...I Am a Fitness Professional...

I need to reprogram my brain to think like a fitness professional. I want to be a strong athlete. I need to think of work like sleeping. It is something that has to be done to survive, it eats up time, but it can't be an excuse for not hitting the gym. I need to think of food as fuel and not as pleasure. (though pleasure is very much a part of enjoying life and I am ok with food occassionally being that "pleasure" item)

I told my muscle-head Unlce Ken that I really want to pursue figure competitions after I get myself on a solid lifestyle. He said "do it" and it could not have been more motivating. I am looking forward to getting my life on track...I just need to learn my body first. This time next year, I think I'll know what needs to be done, then I can start doing some research and talking to people about how to start training for competitions. Gosh...and don't forget kids...I'll be wanting a few at some point, so thats another factor, though NOT a deterrant. One of my idols in that arena is Samantha Harris (DWTS hostess), who after only about 8 months after baby was right back on her original weight. She has been active her whole life, but she works smart and thats the key.

My workout partners are things and people that motivate me. Not all of them are aware that they are my workout partners and I do not actually workout with any of them. In pecking order:
1. Luke (husband)
2. Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine
3. Jessica Biel (celeb)
4. That woman on that didn't start working out till she was 38 and now she is a godess of fitness only 8 years later
5. Uncle Ken
6. Samantha Harris (celeb)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Protein and Fiber Menu

Grocery List
ground angus
all natural chicken breast
top sirloin, sliced (fajita style)
green bell peppers
large eggs
skim milk
2% milk
vanilla soy milk
raisin nut bran
Kashi honey O's
Kashi summer berry blend granola
all natural smooth no-stir peanut butter
tuna in water

This Week's Menu:
Monday - Angus spaghetti with broccoli florets
Tuesday - Chicken breast stuffed with a bit of cheddar, asparagus, and garlic-lemon-pepper rub served with wild long-grain rice
Wednesday - Date night (swapped with the usual Thurs. to see Harry Potter on opening night! ^_^) We will be eating out, so I will post more on "Eating Right When Eating Out".
Thursday - fajita steak with peppers over mexican rice
Friday - Angus burgers
Saturday - grocery shopping day, so who knows! (partly depends on what is on sale ^_^)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Short On Time

Saturday I only had a 1.5 hour window before meeting with my in-laws for a celebratory dinner. I spent 5 of those minutes trying to work the math in my head if I had time to hit the gym. It takes me 45 minutes to get ready if I do my normal routine and I don't rush it (shower, moisturize, wash/exfoliate face, moisturize, blowdry/style, make up, brush teeth). Which left 45 minutes...13 minute drive to gym, 13 minute return, leaving only 19 minutes to squeeze in a workout. ouch. I normally do cardio for 30 min after I've been hitting the weights. Ergh.

It didn't seem to make sense to waste the time. But I went anyway. I actually managed to get there, spend about 7 minutes lifting doing biceps only, then a quick hop on the bike for 20 minutes. That took 7 minutes of get-ready time, but I managed to shave off a few minutes and was looking spiffy in no time. We were only 5 minutes late and-- HA! --not because of me! ^_^ the husband couldn't find his shoes. cute.

I am SO glad I hit the gym. I was so proud of myself that I didn't let time get in the way of my goals. I will get there. I will be strong. I will reach my goals.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Don't Feel Like Going

I am having a great hair day and tonight is girl's night. I dont really feel like getting sweaty at the gym and then have to shower all over again. *sigh* I also am sooo exhausted from this week. Not getting enough sleep + working out extra hard...yikes.

But alas...I MUST GO!! I MUST! I WILL!

Breakfast: Raisin Bran with non-fat milk
Snack: Oatmeal
Snack: Raisin Bran
Lunch: Tuna
Meal Plan for afternoon
Snack: maybe 2 cups of homestyle popcorn
Snack: maybe sf pudding and small bowl of cereal
Dinner: turkey sandwich with avocado

run 30 minutes
bike 15
hanging leg raises

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep on truckin!

Weight Report: 118.8

Comment: I looove hanging leg raises!

Yesterday I did my weight training first. Which is different from my usual format of Cardio, weight, cardio, stretch. I was stronger on my lifting. My cardio was only 25 minutes because I was short on time *ergh* . I ended with 4 sets of hanging leg raises*.

Today I will hit the biceps and shoulder/back pretty hard, then abs, then get on the treadmill for half an hour. If I have time I will do the bike for another 10 before I stretch.

I am doing great on my diet, but I did have pocky yesterday morning ^_^. Other than, I have been pretty impeccable with the clean foods. Hence the drop in weight.

Hanging Leg Exercise
set 1: 8 alternations of leg raise, knee raise - total of 16 raises
set 2: 10 alternations of leg raise, knee raise - total of 20 raises
set 3: 8 alternations of leg raise, knee raise - total of 16 raises
set 4: 6 alternations of leg raise, knee raise - total of 12 raises
I heart hanging leg raises

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Training like a BEAST!

Yesterday I was so exhuasted - A natural result of 1 week of sleep deprivation and moving into a new apartment. There have been so many people around me getting sick so I decided to take off a little early to nap before the gym. I knew I wouldn't get to sleep till 11p at the soonest and then still have to wake up early for work, so the nap was a good choice.

I downed my pre-workout drink and headed straight to the gym. The beast ws unleashed! I had the best workout!! My 6mph run felt like a JOG!! my hammers, curls, and shoulder pressess were all completed successfully and with increased weight. I finished off with a nice 15 min cardio and 15 min abs. It was glorious. I wanted to do more, but all that energy masked my true ability...I didnt want to hurt myself so I cut it off where I knew a good limit was.

The bummer part of yesterday...after I got home the husband made me a lean protein shake and scolded me that I wasn't eating enough for dinner. I ignored his advice but appreciated his concern. After finishing the shake, I took a shower, cooked him dinner, and thought SURELY I will fall RIGHT TO SLEEP because I am so exhausted. Nope. it was way past midnight and I was still wide awake. Darn you energy drink.

BUT I woke up today a little groggy so grabbed a bold brew at starbucks and I have been good to go ever since! My hearty breakfast and snacks helped too. Still waiting to be picked up for lunch with the husband...HURRY UP HUSBAND, I'M STARVING!!! ^_^