Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calorie Counting Will Cause Fat Gain

A to-the-point entry on calorie counting versus calorie awareness.

Calorie counting is bad news bears. Calorie awareness is a different story.

Counting all those calories and determining to cut calories to help facilitate weight loss is not a good option. It's okay to do it for a short time, but let me tell you why it will hurt you if you stay living on a low calorie diet. Your body instinctively will do whatever it takes to survive and so will adjust its metabolism to survive on the low calorie intake. Fat is your body's way of storing energy. Slow metabolism = more storage = fat gain.

Calorie awareness is a fantastic way of helping you be cognizant of what you eat. It is important to eat purposefully. Calorie awareness helps remind you of foods to avoid, but does not cause you to reduce calories or allow you to increase. It simply is awareness. Like weighing yourself once a week, measuring yourself once a month, pinching your love handles, checking out your thighs...it all is JUST a method of evaluation to encourage you to do what is right for your body (and slap yourself when you do bad). =]

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reaching Your Goal By Having Good Friends

My girlfriend, Nicole, and I were arranging lunch plans via text. After confirming time and location I got back to my work. Time was drawing close to that hour of our meeting and the realization hit me like a charging elephant. I texted her back, "I just realized Zenna [the restaurant] is not in the best interest of my weight loss efforts. Can we just do coffee/tea at 12 and I'll eat my sack lunch when I get back to the office? Sorry to be lame!" To which she replied "Hey if it's not in your weight loss efforts then neither is it in mine! :) coffee sounds super fantastic. I'll pick you up at 12"

We both knew that eating thai food would not be great but for the sake of the fellowship we were going to make an exception. Neither one of us really wanted to make that exception. Sometimes it takes one person to keep two on track.

Thanks Nicole for the awesome conversations over sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla lattes. I loved talking about each others lives, struggles, fitness goals, successes and future travel plans. Thanks for letting me stick to my diet, not judging it as an "obsession" and coming along side me by sharing your fitness endeavors. Good luck with your goals!

Upcoming Entry: "Calorie Counting Will Cause Fat Gain"

Cut the Crap [changing the diet lifestyle]

I am now officially cutting "bad" out of my diet. I have done super well with sticking to a good diet and am maintaining wonderfully. I am eating healthy but allowing myself to have a couple slices of pizza at a get together and a brownie at my brother's birthday party. HOWEVER, I have not yet reached my fitness goals. I now know what this body needs to maintain THIS body...its now time for further transformation!

I am leaning out my diet. Pizza will have to be a no-no and so will brownies. *sigh* It will be hard but I know it will be so worth it. I do not recommend this lifestyle of "cutting" for everyone. I think it is important to enjoy life. Being miserable about avoiding indulgences is not the lot I would expect everyone to cast.

My light yogurt has sugar in it, which makes it NOT clean food, but I don't want to waste it, I will polish off the last 5 this week with my early breakfast to get the sugar out of the way.

Organic oatmeal with almonds and a few cranberries is something I am looking forward to adding to my food plan this week.

List of "bad"good-foods I currently have in my diet:
I will be either cutting or consuming in extreme moderation
  • Yoplait Light Yogurt -fat free (sugar)
  • Cranberry juice (sugar, carbs)
  • Orange juice (sugar, carbs)
  • Whole wheat tortillas (sodium, carbs, sugar, fat)
  • Whole wheat pasta (sodium, carbs, sugar, fat)
  • Ramen (sodium)
  • Lattes (fat, carbs, sugar)
  • Guacamole (fat)
  • Skim cheese (carbs)
  • Pretzels (empty carbs)
  • Popcorn (empty carbs)
  • Low Carb Monster (sugar, carbs)
  • Fruit leathers (sugar, carbs)
  • 2% milk (fats, sugar--skim is better)
  • Organic Honey Toasted O's (sugar)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Only Way to Get Killer Abs

source bodybuilding guru Luke Keith
Everyone has abs, but what everyone wants is not abs...what we want, is for them to show. Am I right?

When you workout your abs, be sure to train your CORE. You do not want to cause irregular tension when you move which could cause injury. This happens when your training is imbalanced on your muscles. you have to train front abs and train your lower back.

"I have abs, but you can't see them under this layer of fat"
Answer part one: cardio

The only way to rid yourself of fat is to burn it. Muscle burns fat, so keep building it, but cardio melts fat like you wouldn't believe. Try sets of sprints instead of distance running to go deep into your fat stores.

I train with both. Some days I will even do both on the same day. Heavy jogging then add 4-5 sprint sets, then heavy jogging to finish up. Heavy jogging for me is 5.4-5.6 mph.

"I have abs, but you can't see them under this layer of fat"
Answer part two: diet

You MUST eat right if you want great abs. You are NOT eating right when you "cheat". Either you want abs, or your want starbucks breakfast pastries. You can't have both. And yes, "just this one time" WILL hurt your goal. Make your choice. Red Pill or the Blue Pill.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh Sweet Off-day

Rest is so important. Especially for those of you fellow athletes who just love to roar and want to push, push, push. Rest is just as important as a training day.

I have 2 rest days. One of the rests is a total rest day, the other I will do something fun like kayak, or take a walk with my mom, or wrestle with my husband.

Off days I like to cut my protein and carb cals back a bit. Usually I load up based on my workouts, so since I am not working out, it makes sense to cut back the load.

Example: if my usual is a tuna sandwhich on whole grain, I'll eat tuna with 4-5 saltines instead of bread.

Tuna Salad Recipes:
1 can of tuna
diced jalepenos
1 t jalepeno juice
1 T fat free mayo
almond slivers

1 can of tuna
1 T fat free mayo
crushed walnuts

1 can of tuna
sliced olives (black, green with pimento, or both)
redwine vinegar
olive oil
crushed black pepper
Bow-tie Pasta (optional)

Just 5 More Minutes

Tues was legs, so yesterday (wed) was supposed to be upper body with a bit of cardio. It evolved into a hardcore workout where I killed it on the cardio - rock on. All by saying "just 5 more minutes"

INTENDED workout:
Run 20 minutes+ 2 AI
biceps - hammer curls
biceps - free-weight
biceps - concentration (AKA scott curls)
trcieps - kickbacks
Elipticle to finish off

ACTUAL workout:
Bike 6 minutes on level 11
biceps - hammer curls
biceps - free-weight
biceps - seated concentration
trcieps - cable superset with:
triceps - dips
Elipticle 10 minutes
--got a sip of water...then the "oh...come on, 5 more..." began...
Elipticle 5 minutes
Bike 5 minutes
Treadmill on 10% grade incline 5 minutes

YOW! my calves and hammys were crying!

I heart fitness.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodbye Plateau - dropping the stubborn lbs

For the past 3 weeks I have been a solid 120.8. I finally tweaked my diet to remove processed foods, drink 80 oz water, and cut my sodium intake (not much play room there, but I tried).....AND IT WORKED!!!! I finally was able to get past my plateau and dropped about 2 lbs.

I weighed in yesterday at 118.4

Grant it, part of the reason I was on a plateau was my body taking its time adjusting my new metabolism after so much weight loss.

Yippee!! Now if I can just keep this up for 4-7 more lbs I will be a happy camper!

Stubborn Pound Tips:
1. Cut sodium by 1000 mg
2. Drink 80 oz water
3. Cut processed foods
4. Cut alcohol (I don't drink anymore)


I've been considering supplements. I want to get big, lean muscles. Have you heard of N.O.? They have a couple products I was looking into: NO Xplode and NO Fury. I have heard better things about the results on NO Xplode than Fury, but I am really wondering about the lasting affect on my veins.

I am anxious to get built, but I need to remember that fitness is a lifestyle and that "steady" is the best method.

So for now...I will truck along in my endeavors. I think I will increase the weight and lower my reps. 20-30 min prior to each workout I will drink a LC Monster (or a protein shake which is what I have been doing). That should give me an extra burst of energy that I need to have a strong workout.

Yesterday, I was trying to rush to the gym so I could join the husband, so I was unable to have my usual pre-workout protein shake. As a result, I was only able to complete 3 safe sprints...grrr...I did push through 4 full shoulder sets, 4 squat sets with increased lbs from last, 4 full dead sets, abs, 3 back sets - 1 exercise and a 7 min stint on the bike. BUT I WAS FORCING MYSELF THE WHOLE TIME. Oh man, it was ROUGH! I felt sooo weak. ergh. Today will be better. Protein at 4.30 and possibly a Monster to help make up some energy-lack from yesterday.

Rock that gym and rock that diet. Press on peeps,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery, grocery, grocery

red cabbage
red, yellow and green bell peppers
yellow/white onions
yukon potatoes (husband's BB workout requires heavy starch in carbs)

cayenne pepper (I am almost out!! I love cayenne!)
garlic chili paste (another fav that I am uber low on!)

tuna in water
all natural chicken breast
wild alaskan salmon

skim milk
2% milk (the husband does NOT like skim for his protein shakes)

all natural no-stir peanut butter (for the husband's protein shakes. I get my fats from nuts and avocados)
flax seed
raw almonds
sugar free pudding

Monday, June 15, 2009

Low Calorie Week: Day 7

Today is the last day of low calorie week. FYI - it is important NOT to continue a low calorie diet as a way of life. Your metabolism WILL adjust and then will only require those lower calories and so if you eat more than what it expects, it will store it. People often refer to this as starvation mode, but most dont realize it happens way sooner than they think.

Meal 1: Omelette - mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, salsa, jalepenos
Snack: vanilla protein shake plain
Meal 2: Tuna salad with walnuts, jalepenos, a little jalepeno juice and apples
Snack: SF ActiveLifestyle jello - cranberry green tea
Meal 3 Chicken salad with jalepenos, raisins, romaine lettuce

T: one arm cable pull down
B: hammer rope cable pull
T: kick backs
T: skull crusher
B: one arm cable pull
1 mi jog at 5.4

Happy Monday!! I am SO EXCITED about today's meal plan and workout routine! This past weekend was rough and stressful...I had a lot on my plate making it tough to stick to the plan, but I'm plowing through! Keep up your motivation! Today will be your healthiest day yet - I will be fit TODAY! ^_^

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Low Calorie Week: Day 6

Breakfast: Honey Toasted O's
Snack: organic granola bar (skant because I'll be in church)
Lunch: baked fish and veggies
Snack: protein
Dinner: protein meal replacement


Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Low Calorie Week: Day 5

Breakfast: Honey Toasted O's
Snack: apple + nuts
Lunch: Tuna
Snack: 2 bite-size rice cakes + coffee
Dinner: crab and shrimp with lemon and tomatoes

workout skipped...Packing up the house - we move in 2 weeks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Low Calorie Week; Day 4

Meal 1: Oatmeal with cinnamon & Coffee with cinnamon

Snack: 1/4 cup purely O's (Cascadian Farm)

Meal 2: 1 scoop Optima slimfast powder in 80z skim milk

Snack: Coffee and almonds (small handful)

Meal 3: can of tuna (tuna in water) with diced jalepenos

Meal 4: TBA birthday party tonight

Abs - 4s hanging leg raises; 4s planks; 2s swiss; 2s reverse swiss
Bike 6 minutes on level 10; 2 minutes on level 6; 2 minutes on level 10
Elliptical 40 minutes

I've noticed I was consistently losing weight at the beginning and have been holding at 120.8 for several weeks now. FYI This is normal - when you have a few stubborn pounds that are remaining that you cant seem to shake after a good lifestyle pattern, your body is just taking its time to adjust your new metabolism. No worries. Meanwhile, I am going to start downing H20 like there is no tomorrow. A minimum of 80 0z, reduce processed food intake (I already don't eat much processed foods) and watching my sodium should do the trick.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sabotagers beware!!

So you set out to eat healthy, you come up with a great meal plan and you are now officially working out religously. You're on fire. And then, ol' pal janedoe and family invite you to lunch...or dinner...or a birthday party and you find yourself faced with delicious foods...fatty, greasy, sugary, delicious foods. What do you do?

First of all, there is no such thing as will power. You can't bank on your ability to say no. Reprogram yourself to avoid SITUATIONS. Example - If you are out to eat, ask for a to-go box to be brought out with your food, put half of it in the box to eat later. Then you won't have to muster will-power to stop eating.

Secondly, remind yourself multiple times before you go of what your goal is and what you REALLY want. I like eggrolls, but I like lean arms and a flat tummy way more. You only have 2 choices: 1) eat foods to reach the goal of being flabby or 2) eat foods that make you look good in your clothes.

Don't let social life sabotage your goals - STICK WITH IT! Yes, "just this one time" WILL hurt.

It's not depriving yourself when you avoid delicious foods...when you eat those foods you are depriving yourself of a strong body and the happiness you will feel when you are lean and look fabulous.

TODAY I have family in town that have been staying with my parents. They call me because everyone is going to lunch as a goodbye lunch...at the chinese buffet...I mustered the power to head straight for the steamed veggies, moogoo gai pan chicken, and a couple pieces of sushi. I was surprised at how full I was. I still wanted the egg roll, but a girl told me "eating good is really hard, but it must be done" and that motivated me to say no to the eggroll. I feel so proud of myself and so happy because tonight at the gym I wont be kicking myself.

Low Calorie Week: Day 3

Meal 1: 1C Cascadian Farm Honey Toasted O's in 2% milk

Snack: less than 4 oz applesauce (mott's all natural no sugar added) and 1/4 cup purely O's (Cascadian Farm)

Meal 2: 1 scoop Optima slimfast powder in 80z skim milk

Snack: sugar free pudding (Jello banana chocolate) + almonds

Meal 3: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder in skim milk + blueberries + yogurt. Usually I add yogurt but..I NEED to switch to plain yogurt. The light yogurt has too much sugar still. I need to cut the sugars!

Snack: sugar free pudding (Jello Banana chocolate) + almonds

Meal 4: TBA date night with the husband, I will be looking for perfect options and will post here tomorrow.

1 mile at 5.4
2 GP
.5 mile at 5.2
3 sets Tricep - cable
2 sets kick backs
4 superset Skull crushers + dips

AFTER-COMMENTS: Meal 2 and Meal 4 will swap (see post entitled Sabotage under category "Eating right when eating out" AND husband has been working for 22 hours so I want to let him sleep. maybe date night will be breakfast =).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Low Calorie Week: Day 2

1C Cascadian Farm Honey Toasted O's in 2% milk

Snack: 1 scoop Optima SlimFast powder in skim milk

Lunch: turkey on 15-grain bread (mustard, lettuce, tomato, provolone, jalepenos, pepper) probably should have done without the provolone, but eh...still a pretty clean meal

Snack: yogurt with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein

Dinner: Shrimp Po' Boy (See Recipe posting dated 06/06)

Deadlifts and bike today plus some bicep action ;) pretty stoked. I am looking forward to those deads.

Happy workout everyone!

--FK RockBunny

Grocery List

Loaded up on some great stuff. My grocery list:
Yoplait light yogurt (blueberry and new pomegranate flavor!)
Skim milk (for protein shakes and cereal)
Cascadian Farm Organic cereal - Honey Toasted O's
Large eggs
All Natural Chicken Breast
Tuna in water
Ground Sirloin 98% fat free
Jello Sugar Free pudding - Banana-Chocolate
Smoked Turkey (from the deli...less sodium)
Bean Sprouts (deli style)
Carb-light tortillas (small)
Green tea bags (I heart green tea)
Light Mayo
Skim cheese sticks (Cow Pals)
Vanilla Protein (<1g sugar per scoop)
Peppridge Farm Bread - Whole grain: 15 Grain
Raw Almonds unsalted

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Low Calorie Week: Day 1

I neglected on my grocery shopping and so was super low on food today...ugh

Breakfast of Champs
7 Jelly beans (11 cals) they were on the receptionist desk and I just did not resist...
1/4C Purely-O's - Cascadian Farm organic cereal DRY
8 oz water

Snack - 1/4C purely-O's
8 oz water

Lunch - turkey breast wrap, small tortilla, lettuce, mustard and avocado

Snack - 8 oz whole milk + 1 scoop optima protein (250 cals)
8 oz water

384 total calories before dinner...wow...and surprisingly not starving...work is busy...that helps.

Dinner - garlic wine chicken breast with squash and zucchini

CARDIO - 2 miles
4 sets hanging leg raises
2 sets hanging side raises
3 sets flat bench leg raises
3 sets Broom
2 sets Planks (30 sec each)
2 sets side planks
3 sets on swiss ball

120.8 Again??...

*sigh* today is Tuesday, Weigh-In day. I weighed in at 120.08 again. This is great and sad. It is great because that means my workouts are perfectly balancing my diet. It is also great because I have been still eating crap foods here and there, so if I just cut those out, I should drop weight without having to amp up my workouts. The only reason why it is sad is because I still need to drop 12 lbs.

For this week, I will not eat sugar. A little bit of sugar in dark chocolate is ok, a little bit of sugar in my cereal, ok. But no intentional sugar like the 5 jelly beans I ate this morning. ^_^

By the way...caloriecount.about.com, cool website if you want to log your food. It will even keep track of the calories you BURN while you're sitting at your desk. My handle is RockBunny.

My motivation level is high. I am pumped about the no-sugar for 1 week only. I can DEF do that. I am also going to take this week to read up on women lifting rules and diets. Rock hard body is within my reach!

I will be picking up a book entitled "New Rules of Lifting for Women" by Lou Schuler. I will let you know if the book is a worthy read.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shrimp Po' Boy

By EatingWell on Jun 06, 2009 06:00 AM in Healthy Eating
By EW (Test Kitchen), EatingWell.com

This twist on the Louisiana favorite piles grilled shrimp and creamy-dressed cabbage onto a crusty bun. Bread that’s soft on the inside and crusty on the outside is perfect for a Po’ Boy sandwich. We grill both sides of a whole-wheat bun for that added crunch. You may need a few extra napkins to enjoy it, but this quick and easy sandwich is well worth it. Serve with: Sautéed corn and bell peppers.
Makes 4 servings

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

2 cups finely shredded red cabbage2 tablespoons dill pickle relish2 tablespoons reduced-fat mayonnaise2 tablespoons nonfat plain yogurt1 pound peeled and deveined raw shrimp, (51-60 per pound; see Shopping Tip)4 teaspoons canola oil, divided1 teaspoon chili powder1/2 teaspoon paprika1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper4 whole-wheat hot dog buns, or small sub rolls, split4 tomato slices, halved1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion

1. Preheat grill to medium-high.
2. Combine cabbage, relish, mayonnaise and yogurt in a medium bowl.
3. Toss shrimp with 2 teaspoons oil, chili powder, paprika and pepper in a medium bowl. Place the remaining 2 teaspoons oil in a small bowl. Dip a pastry brush in water, then in the oil and lightly brush the inside of each bun (or roll).
4. Place a grill basket (see Kitchen Tip) on the grill. Add the shrimp and spread in a single layer. Grill, stirring occasionally, until the shrimp are pink and just cooked through, about 3 minutes. Open the buns and grill, turning once, until toasted on both sides, about 1 minute total.
5. To assemble the sandwiches, divide tomato and onion among the buns. Spread about 1/3 cup cabbage mixture down the middle of each and top with about 1/2 cup grilled shrimp.

Nutrition InformationPer serving: 322 calories, 10g fat, 28g protein, 5g fiber, 522mg sodium

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Cardio, how I love thee

Last night I ran for just over 2 miles, burned 180 cals, then jumped on the elipticle and told my self "100 calories". I got to 100 and I thought Thats a total of 280 calories...I might as well finish it off with just 20 more to make it 300. So I did. Then I thought Gosh, thats 160 LESS than I did on Sunday...maybe I'll burn 160 more. So I did. ok just 10 more calories. So I did.

470 calories with each machine set for 121 lbs and age 25. I miss being 124...it displayed a lot more calories for my energy :(...aww I'm losing weight, isn't life rough?... ^_^

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a Great Day to be Alive

Weighed in at 120.8
That means I successfully maintained my weight, but it does mean I also did not meet my goal of losing 1 lb this week. Let's give it another shot. Lookout 6/9, the scale is going to show one pound less!!

Sunday's long run burned 360 cals over 60 minutes on the treadmill. Whew. That was a long trek. I had set out to burn 400+ cals, but the treadmill cuts you off, so I hopped on the elipticle and revved the intensity so I could burn 100 more cals in 7 minutes (before Luke finished his workout). I made it just in time!

All my other workouts this past week have been phenomenal. My diet however...has been GREAT with the exception of Thursday when I ate 3 donuts over the course of the day (its just SO good with coffee) and dried mangos for breakfast on Monday. Obviously I did really well on all other accounts, because I kept my weight! Rock on.

PS...Pumpkin protein recipe is forthcoming!