Friday, February 6, 2009

Keep on keepin' on

Had a big meal and really felt like just relaxing....which is why I grabbed my ipod, running shoes, and ran out the door as fast as I could before I had a chance to think one more evil thought of "couch" or "movie". And, in fact, this served me well...I had a great core workout to warm up, super-setting: lateral scissors, flutters, flexion crunches, obliques.
Cardio focus today: 20 min bike with resistance at "6" (moderately intense)
4 sets of 10 jumping squats with 5lb/ea hand
awesome stretching session afterward

I think the husband would be proud

Read something I've read a thousand times. Protein types and protein synthesis. I am going to start implementing that in my meal plan. I used to be really solid with my protein diet and very intentional and that was the best I had ever felt. I am looking forward to surpassing my earlier fit days.

Soy between meals

Whey / Soy pre workout

Whey/Casein post

Casein later night

Super simple expl:
Casein goes straight to the blood stream, so your body can instantly use it and direct it to your muscles. (this is the protein in cottage cheese)

Whey is great for growth (the best protein powder to get the protein to your muscles the fastest)

Soy though good for growth, more so suppresses hunger and promotes the production of estrogen

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