Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 mile goal

My goal is to be able to complete a 10 mile run solid by 9/5/09 .

Right now I am completing a measly (but solid) 1.5 with a .5m cool down for psychological endurance for a 2m. I think the 2m is just around the corner. This week I was supposed to increase by 10%, but Sunday's workout didn't happen and tonight will be stolen as well. Tomorrow and Friday I will complete the usual, but time myself, then on Saturday and Sunday I will run the time outdoors (instead of the distance). On Sunday night perhaps I will evaluate my knees to see if I can up it to 1.63.

last week was bad...pizza one night, pasta another...*sigh*

1 comment:

  1. thats fantastic faith! chris and i were gonna pick up running this year too, well once the weather gets warmer and we can run outside that is :)