Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

The infamous New Year's resolutions are back with a vengeance! Some people roll their eyes at the resolution makers, but not me! I think it is so important to set goals and reassess goals constantly in order to reach your full potential.

Goal 1) Run a Half Marathon. Tactical (How to) Plan: Be able to run 5 miles without distress by February 20th 2010, begin 10 week Half Training on 02/21.

Goal 2) Cut spending a bit. Tactical (How to) Plan: Think twice when I'm shopping at the grocery store; cut coffee shop trips to 2 a week.

Goal 3) Be more available to dote on the husband. Tactical (How to) Plan:
--> get 8 hours of sleep to improve energy so that I won't be tired at the end of the day
-->Keep cooking breakfast every morning
-->Be more creative with lunches (unlike my November rut where I only fed him turkey sandwiches every day. haha!)
-->Listen more intently and look at his face while he talks
-->Take time to beautify and smell nice

Happy New Year everyone!!

I realized that none of my HIT Week articles were posted. I will get on that and publish them here for any of you interested in tracking what I did and my progress! FYI - the hubbo cant stop grapping my rock hard abs - Hoorah clean eating!!!! My arms and legs made mondo improvements - def leaner. Looking forward to more progress in 2010!!

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