Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Importance of Revision

It is important to evaluate your workout and diet routines frequently (once every 3 weeks is recommended). This helps your body not plateau and ensures you experience continuous growth.

I have been TRYING to cut carbs at 4:00. I have been doing pretty well, but I certainly get my fair share of carbs in before 4:00. I am going to watch the intake to be at a 20-50-30% rule applied to meals and snacks. 20% carb; 50% protein; 30% fat.

I am reinventing my 6 day cardio of running to be 4-run+2cycle/elipticle.
Along with my 6 day cardio I will now add a push-pull (simple push pull consisting of pushups and pullups only. Later I will add other push pulls).
Nearly all of the 6 workout days I incorporate abs consisting of mat with weights and pikes on the swiss ball. My routine will now be as follows:

Sunday Mat exercises 6 on 2 rotations 10+lbs

Tuesday 3 ab exercises 4 rotations
Wednesday cabel and rotating exercises 4-5 sets 45+lbs
Thursday Swiss ball
Friday Mat exercises 18 minutes
Saturday two machines 6 rotations

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  1. Ah Faith you have to teach me some of this stuff...haha
    GO GIRL!