Monday, May 4, 2009

weight report, running progress, new diet

My 3 miles are solid. I can handle the monotony now psychologically...SO ITS TIME TO KICK IT UP! Wednesday I am going to go straight into a 4 miler. I am not going to do a transitionaly run of 3.5. Instead, I will run the first 3 at a 5.0 pace and on mile 4 I will evaluate to maintain speed or reduce to a jog. Thursday is an off day and this weekend we will be on the road, so I may not get another opportunity to run till Sunday. That will be a nice long rest for my knees and lower back. Assuming all goes well, I will attempt it again on Sunday, rest Monday, and do it again on Tuesday and forward.

New: I am on week 3 of a new rule - "No carbs after 4:00". It has been good, but every now and then I have stopped carbs at 1:00 and then my workouts were not as strong...gotta be careful about cutting out too much. Its been difficult to monitor because of how busy we have been, excuse, right? That's just life!

I now weigh in at 121.2 AM weight; 123 PM weight. that is about 4 lbs from my goal weight.

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  1. f - you're my inspiration!
    btw did you look at the photos with luke? i sent him the link yesterday evening, hope you had a good movie date :)