Saturday, January 3, 2009

24 Hour Fitness: Hip hop

I took a hip hop class at 24 hour fitness and it kicked my butt. The instructor was a first time teacher subbing in for someone else. Her name was Mo and she was clearly accustomed to working with dancers, NOT an aerobics class. I think that is one reason why the class seriously kicked booty. She did a great job of making each set have enough variety so that you are focused on the movement and not your lungs collapsing on themselves. The only "negative" I would say (and its not really a negative...just a comment for improvement) is she probably should add a few more reps to each set to give the class enough mental time to catch up. Often she would have 2 or 4 reps of a movement that alternated sides and it just did not give enough time for us to see what she was doing and then follow. By the time we were following, she was on to the next step. But like I said...the class was phenomenal and I would take it again every week if she would offer the class. MO ROCKS!! If I see her name on the schedule, I'm there. I'll even cancel things just to get to her class. Awesome.

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