Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweat is My Friend

Friday night - I had a sleepover for some HS girls I mentor, so I ate a little bit of junk (not much though)

Saturday I did a killer taebo workout for an hour and a half. It felt great to move every muscle in my body. It was a great cardio. Ate perfectly.

Sunday I did 15 minute abs just blasting out the reps. 30 second rest every 5 minutes. Ate well.

I did not take my "day off" on Thursday like a good girl, so this morning I skipped my morning workout for an extra 45 minutes in bed. I'll probably do some squats during lunch, but other than that...I am OFF today. I was in a rush so breakfast was weak...1 whole milk organic yogurt and a cheese stick. WEAK! oh well...

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