Friday, January 23, 2009


05:30 15 minute Abs (go me! this is day 4 of forcing myself to get up earlier to get in a 15 minute to 30 min workout each morning)

07:15 1 cup kashi +1% milk
skim mozarella cheese stick
07:30 Hxy
10:00 cup of warm beef broth (brr...its cold outside...this is my replacement for hot cocoa)
11:00 Hxy
11:30 Sushi

3:00and finally feeling a little hungry again...that was the longest I've gone without being hungry...maybe I ate too much sushi! I think I'll grab some SF jello

Lunch break: 8 lateral squatting walks and 14 pushups. Today is technically my off day, but...I just couldn't resist. It was a super light sprint shoot me.

Back in the day, when I was single, I never ate fast food, I didn't drink cokes (diet or otherwise), and I ate lean and clean - cooking for myself nearly every night. Why did that change when I got married??...I stopped waking up to go running, I stopped walking to the grocery store, I stopped doing random dips and lunges when I saw a good open area...let's get the old Faith back!

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