Friday, October 2, 2009

Rope Diet Vs Noose Diet

A word for reality. Highly motivated with a strong will to eat clean and live strong, but life happens...

They key to a healthy lifestyle is making your diet and fitness plans an actual lifestyle.

I know this, but I still continually put myself on stringent diets and strict schedules for spurts at a time because I love punishing myself. My revamp is "as close to the ground as possible" (as mentioned in previous post). I decided I will have a clean focus --key word: focus--instead of a mental list of a thousand no-no foods. The idea is that you stay clear of what you know you shouldn't have, find healthy alternative foods for things you want, and eat with a purpose. I eat foods that give me energy in the morning and pack my diet full of nutrient rich foods. I have been enjoying not NEEDING caffeine! I still consume coffee when I want or green and black teas, but I don't NEED the caffeine. I feel so strong.

How to implement. I went through my entire pantry, refrigerator and freezer and threw away all the crap. I went to the grocery store and restocked with organic cereals, wide variety of fruits, great selection of various veggies -including peppers and roots!--, cottage cheese, lean meats poultry seafood, green tea, flax seed (for making PB snack balls), milk, tofu, toasted nori (seaweed) and zip loc baggies (to make ready to eat baggies of fresh cut veggies or fruit).

I call this the rope method. Keep yourself in tight reign so you won't stray, but don't have it so tight that you snap! The key is a lifestyle that you can maintain.

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