Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't look!

I have been really maintaining my focus and it has been surprisingly easy!! No pain-staking deprivation feelings! I have not been trying to do anything (ie "lose weight"), but eat right and clean (no junk). Today I weighed in and I lost weight! ?????? how funny....well, I will continue rocking this and tonight I am looking forward to a 30 minute run. I remembered the rule: "If the scale becomes your god, don't look". I pulled my focus away from the "goal weight" and made my new goal to be "eat clean". That made quite a difference in even my attitude. Like I said...this week was surprisingly easy.


Weight report: 119.6

Grocery list
2% cottage cheese
skim milk
assorted fruits
broccoli (flash frozen is sometimes more packed with nutrients than "fresh" because it is frozen immediately after harvest)
baby carrots
bok choy
Ground turkey
Chicken breast
Shaved deli turkey (not packaged...that has too much sodium)
Sliced deli black forest ham (for omelets)
Jalepeno tortillas (for wraps)
whole wheat berry bread
jewish rye
fish oil
Emerald Green (order through rep)

Happy healthy eating~

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