Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Such a Rebel...(but a good rebel)

Yesterday was date night. We went to TGIF and I ordered the "Thai Chicken Wrap" with a dry salad as my side. I ate nearly the entire thing and dipped occasionally in the honey-lime dressing that normally is IN the wrap, but I requested it to be on the side. That was me eating unhealthy. I am so proud of myself because my "unhealthy standards" are on the "healthy eats" side of the menu haha.

I had a cup of coffee after the meal and a couple bites of my husbands cheesecake. Totally worth it.

Date Night. We bought a super awesome looking journal from Barnes & Noble and brought it with us to the restaurant. After dinner, we ordered our dessert and busted out the journal. The mission - to think of memories we have shared together and jot them down as we think of them. We thought about the first night we noticed each other and each wrote about what we remembered. We talked and laughed as we reminisced that night. We had so much fun reminiscing that one memory that we didnt have time for any others. It was getting late so we called it a night, but the journal is on our coffee table waiting for the next time one of us recalls another memory.

Yesterday was my off day and MUCH needed. my poor legs were killed last week. Today its back on. Cardio and legs. I will do sets of dips in between each leg exercise.

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