Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Protein and Fiber Menu

Grocery List
ground angus
all natural chicken breast
top sirloin, sliced (fajita style)
green bell peppers
large eggs
skim milk
2% milk
vanilla soy milk
raisin nut bran
Kashi honey O's
Kashi summer berry blend granola
all natural smooth no-stir peanut butter
tuna in water

This Week's Menu:
Monday - Angus spaghetti with broccoli florets
Tuesday - Chicken breast stuffed with a bit of cheddar, asparagus, and garlic-lemon-pepper rub served with wild long-grain rice
Wednesday - Date night (swapped with the usual Thurs. to see Harry Potter on opening night! ^_^) We will be eating out, so I will post more on "Eating Right When Eating Out".
Thursday - fajita steak with peppers over mexican rice
Friday - Angus burgers
Saturday - grocery shopping day, so who knows! (partly depends on what is on sale ^_^)

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