Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Weeks of Perfection

In order to reach my goals, I am going to being eating a perfectly. My diet structure has been revamped. My plan is to force myself to eat perfectly for 6 weeks. (will take me to the end of August) During the 6 weeks I will be evaluating my energy, weight, BF%, muscle recovery, financial affect on grocery budget, digestion rate and hunger rate. What I am trying to accomplish is determining....1) is this manageable; 2) is it worth it; 3) how does my body respond to slight changes.

I had been eating very clean and working out hard and strong, but last week I ate 3 donuts over the course of the day and to my surprise, I have gained weight and my energy levels dropped [over the course of 4 days I monitored myself and realized my metabolism had slowed and so, though I ate good foods and in same quantity as usual, I gained]. I didn't want to blame the donuts because I thought that one day would be ok since I am really doing so very well and working out so hard...but wow...I proved what I always say "YES! This ONE time WILL hurt". Blueberry cake donuts and chocolate cake doughnut holes are my favorite...and they are what sent me overweight sophomore yr college. I can only blame myself for not saying no.

I will enlist my husband and give him the "ok" to correct me even in public if necessary to prevent me from eating things that are not in my diet plan.

***PLEASE READ****I am not trying to put myself on a short term diet, I am actually trying to discover what meal plan works for my lliefstyle and body type. I am VERY AGAINST short term and fad related diets. 6 weeks is long enough to give you an IDEA of how your body responds, but the best length of time is 6 months to 1 year...but life is too short to evaluate so accurately ^_^.

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