Thursday, July 2, 2009

Training like a BEAST!

Yesterday I was so exhuasted - A natural result of 1 week of sleep deprivation and moving into a new apartment. There have been so many people around me getting sick so I decided to take off a little early to nap before the gym. I knew I wouldn't get to sleep till 11p at the soonest and then still have to wake up early for work, so the nap was a good choice.

I downed my pre-workout drink and headed straight to the gym. The beast ws unleashed! I had the best workout!! My 6mph run felt like a JOG!! my hammers, curls, and shoulder pressess were all completed successfully and with increased weight. I finished off with a nice 15 min cardio and 15 min abs. It was glorious. I wanted to do more, but all that energy masked my true ability...I didnt want to hurt myself so I cut it off where I knew a good limit was.

The bummer part of yesterday...after I got home the husband made me a lean protein shake and scolded me that I wasn't eating enough for dinner. I ignored his advice but appreciated his concern. After finishing the shake, I took a shower, cooked him dinner, and thought SURELY I will fall RIGHT TO SLEEP because I am so exhausted. Nope. it was way past midnight and I was still wide awake. Darn you energy drink.

BUT I woke up today a little groggy so grabbed a bold brew at starbucks and I have been good to go ever since! My hearty breakfast and snacks helped too. Still waiting to be picked up for lunch with the husband...HURRY UP HUSBAND, I'M STARVING!!! ^_^

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