Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 10 - Last day of tortillas and other random notes

Yesterday's workout was AWESOME! put in a solid 1.67 run (I know thats not far, but that is progress for my previously injured knees, my cardiovascular system, and muscular endurance). The run was followed by straight-arm lat pull downs 40lbs, tricep extensions 40lbs, and BWdips (4 sets of 12). I finished off with a solid ab workout including obliques, planks, planks with weight, and sweeps. Ahh I love my life.

Salmon with lime and terriyaki with okra was delicious.

eggs with jalapenos in small tortilla (I think from now on I wont be eating my eggs in a tortilla...might as well cut out the carb)
Snack - protein bar

Thai shredded chicken with cabbage, spinach, carrots and sesame seeds in paper rice wrapper with cucumber salad. yumm. And Bombay Chai tea
Snack - protein bar + yogurt

Postworkout - my husband's famous protein shake

Swordfish steaks and steamed veggies

Today I am looking forward to another solid run after killing it on the pull up machine (heh heh with assist ^_^) my goal is to do them without assist by the end of the year - totally doable.

Side note...I think I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I can't remember the last time I did that. Not that weight matters, but I am kind of curious all of a sudden.

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