Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 2 - game plan

Food Log
07:30 Ham and veggie omelet, coffee
11:30 Protein 20(g) shake
01:00 Grilled Chicken & shrimp with green beans, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots over brown rice
06:00: Protein shake
09:00 Grilled apple chicken and broccoli

During Lunch hour - 15 min pilates yeah...didn't happen...
During Dinner prep - stretching

Attempt workout
5 pull ups
Lat pull down - superset with overhead press
Straight-arm lat pull down
Seated row
25 Deadlifts
Run 1m
Pull ups with assist till failure

Actual workout
8 pull upsLat pull down - superset with Straight-arm lat pull downPull ups with assist till failure
Lumberjack with 45-50lbs45 Deadlifts
Lunges with medicine-ball twist and knee raise
Warm stretching
Standing cable crunch 45lbs
Lumberjack with 45-50lbs
Pull ups with assist till failure
Warm stretching
It was a dang good workout ;)

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