Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 5 - The weekend battle

Friday is my favorite night to go out. I love to salsa - I love to dance! I have a lot of pieces to plow through on the piano though, so I doubt tonight will allow me to dance. At least I will have time for a quick hour and a half at the gym.

I'm really digging these herbal teas. I'm sipping on Harney & Sons white peach tea. I'm not a peach fan, nor a big white tea fan, but this one is good. I prefer black teas, spiced chai, or green tea with min (Moroccan!).

Last night I ate a 1/3lbs lean burger (but heck...its still a burger) and I ate fries. Gosh, what a bad idea. I need to get serious about my diet intake or else i'm never going to widdle my middle ^_^.

Shoulders and Triceps are big on my list today along with a fun 1.5 run.

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