Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 11 - Date night

Last night we picked up my husband's muscle car - he just got a Fast intake and cam. Put us behind schedule so he decided we would go to Chick-fil-e. Ugh. I told him I didn't want to go, but he didnt think we had much of a choice given the small amount of time we had. So I buckled. I consider that "offense#1" to my "30 day no junk" efforts. Oh well, life goes on.

My workout yesterday was something different - I alternated running with abs. Run, Abs, run, abs.

Tonight is date night. and it also marks the first of approx 21 days sabbatical from the gym to concentrate on various projects, instruments, and thank you notes that I have been unable to do since I got married. It will be tough to pull myself from the gym, but I know this is the only way.

I love fitness.

7.30 Protein bar
9.30 Nutrient water
11.30 protein shake
1.30 sched lunch
3.30 protein bar

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