Tuesday, March 30, 2010

21-Day-Recovery-Project: Day 1

"OK" I told myself, "today will be a new day".

Had a great quiet time this morning in James 1:2-7. "Count it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result that you may be perfect and complete lacking in nothing..." All of you fit-mongers understand that the inability to train is a huge source of frustration (dare I say depression). I am determined to believe what I know - and that is that this is a time for me to learn and to iron out some wrinkles.

I nearly completed the Echo painting that my mom had asked for to put in they're new house in the Philippines. Those tiny flowers take forever! The only reason I was unable to complete it, was my sister skyped me, then my dad google-videoed me, then my mom called me through magic jack so I would go to my computer and do a web chat...3 hours later...time for baked salmon with a hint of lemon dressed with Buerre Sauce Bechamel for the Lukester.

Iso abs 100S/10secondR
Iso squats 8S/30secondR no rest between reps

Meal 1: Power Protein Shake (Banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein)
Meal 2: 1/4 cup Cottage cheese and 4 strawberries Forfeited, was still way too full from Meal
Meal 3: Onion Soup / soupe a l'oignon
Meal 4: Avocado; whole grain bread with peanut butter NOTE: this is not well balanced, I recommend replacing the PB (fats) with a boiled egg (protein)
Meal 5: 1/3 C Yogurt with 1 heaping Tbs pulverized almonds and 1/2 apple, sliced
Meal 6: Fish soup and cabbage

I am dressed for the day! Not shlubby, as would depict a bum who is depressed about not getting to run. ^_^

Workin on it,

Broken tailbone got me down and pouty, so I started the 21 day streak of getting over the despair. #injuryrecovery at its finest!
Days since injury: 20

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