Monday, March 29, 2010

Recovery Day 18: I Spit On "Take It Easy"

I woke up feeling strong. I creeped out of bed and as soon as my feet hit the ground I was reminded that I am not healed yet. Boo.

Funny, but inconvenient: Somehow my coccyx pillow sprung a leek and therefore will not stay inflated. Alright will be lots of standing or sitting on my hip. :D

Yesterday I only had time for 100 reps of abdominal isos, but today I will make time for legs and, if I can find a comfortable way to stand or sit, I will attempt shoulders.

My mom is the strongest woman I have ever met. (She is in the Philippines right now) She does not say "I'm so sorry that you're in pain", she says "I'm so sorry that you're in pain, just be sure to stay productive - use your hands to get things done. Paint or get organized." haha I LOVE YOU MOM. and yes, I will do [and am doing] just that.

19:00 Finished my protein shake just in time before the 07:00pm cut off
20:00 Logged 8 sets of 30 sec iso-squats; 100 sets of 10 sec iso-abs (those are hard to keep accurate count! had to bust out the pen and paper ^_^)

Starting to hurt a bit. I think the squats were a little much today. Ibuprofen and I'll assess in the morning. Come on broken can take this.

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