Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bustin My Tail

We just got back from our incredibly fun snowboarding trip with some great friends. Unfortunately, mid-trip I was getting a bit too aggressive and broke my tail bone. I thought I could shake it off, so I kept going, but the pain was hindering my ability to maintain control so I fell again…and then again. That last time I knew something was wrong and that I couldn’t go on. *sigh* and I was having such a blast! I'm an athlete...I'm not going to quit unless I physically cannot keep going.

I now cannot bend, twist, or lift. An athlete must know their limits, yes I know, but I honestly thought I just bruised it...no clue it was actually completely severed.

I AM SO BUMMED...this does mean I will have to miss my half marathon that I have been training so vigorously for. I am truly disappointed, but I think that the Lord wants to show me something through all of this. So I am going to use this time to re-assess my focus in life. Maybe my priorities are not as solid as I thought they were...

What can you do for a broken tail bone?

Not much in the area of "speed recovery", but ice pack every 30 min on 30 min off, pain killers (your body can heal faster when it is not having to manage pain), LOTS of fluids, maintenance of a good diet, multi-vitamins, donut (pillow for the bum) and moderate heels (pressure on your heel as you walk is hard on your spine, and high heels are an obvious no-no).

How do you workout and prevent atrophy with a broken tail bone?

...not sure yet...any ideas or comments are most welcome

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