Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am SO REVVED to get back running! Unfortunately, I had a little mishap yesterday causing me to re-injure my not-yet-healed-broken-tailbone. Funny story actually...I am a dancer, I LOVE to dance, I come from a huge huge huge family who all love to dance and most of them (^_^) are incredible dancers and if the music is on, I am probably dancing to it. I still am recovering from this broken tailbone and have not been able to go in to work, so I have been getting some art done which is great! Yesterday, as I was painting, I set my itunes to play movie soundtracks. Before I knew it, it switched to Moulin Rouge and I was dancing all out and then in excruciating pain!

Meanwhile, I have been eating exceptionally on point!

BREAKFAST Quick egg omelet of 2 cage-free eggs with turkey and bell peppers
SNACK Navel orange & Fiber One bar
SNACK 3 large strawberries and 1/4C cottage cheese
LUNCH Smoked turkey whole wheat wrap with lettuce, jalapenos, 1/2 slice pepperjack
SNACK Avocado
Tonight: Moroccan chicken with lentils

Can't wait until I can bend and squat again! Oh, the little things we take for granted...

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