Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recovery Day 19: Diet, Isos, Dedication

Recovering from a broken tailbone is taking way longer than I had anticipated. I've broken enough bones and torn enough tendons and ligaments to know how long it takes to recover, but for some reason I still had it in my head that I'd be fine in a couple weeks. I was just told that it will probably be until mid summer before I am back to normal. I love the ability to focus entirely on a good schedule of eating though. I have also had time to try new recipes that I usually only have time for on the weekends.

Iso-squats that I did yesterday felt good, but the tailbone [tissue/muscle/ligaments area] is achy today. It's amazing how much you use your tailbone!

Logged 10S/12,16,14,12,14,16,18,12,10,10R seated shoulder press
100S/10secondR iso-abs

My goal today: consume 60 oz H2O.
Reached! by 5:30pm

Meal 1: Strawberry Vanilla Oatmeal Protein Shake
Meal 2: 2 oz Ground turkey and whole wheat pesto pasta with pine nuts and red wine vinegar
Meal 3: Bowl of steak pepper-pot soup
Meal 4: Lo Carb Monster energy drink; Yogurt with almonds and 1/2 apple, cubed
Meal 5: Bowl of steak pepper-pot soup (why waste leftovers? ^_^)
Meal 6: 4 oz Salmon and steamed broccoli

Hope everyone is eating healthy and staying dedicated to your 2010 goals no matter what!

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