Tuesday, June 9, 2009

120.8 Again??...

*sigh* today is Tuesday, Weigh-In day. I weighed in at 120.08 again. This is great and sad. It is great because that means my workouts are perfectly balancing my diet. It is also great because I have been still eating crap foods here and there, so if I just cut those out, I should drop weight without having to amp up my workouts. The only reason why it is sad is because I still need to drop 12 lbs.

For this week, I will not eat sugar. A little bit of sugar in dark chocolate is ok, a little bit of sugar in my cereal, ok. But no intentional sugar like the 5 jelly beans I ate this morning. ^_^

By the way...caloriecount.about.com, cool website if you want to log your food. It will even keep track of the calories you BURN while you're sitting at your desk. My handle is RockBunny.

My motivation level is high. I am pumped about the no-sugar for 1 week only. I can DEF do that. I am also going to take this week to read up on women lifting rules and diets. Rock hard body is within my reach!

I will be picking up a book entitled "New Rules of Lifting for Women" by Lou Schuler. I will let you know if the book is a worthy read.

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