Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just 5 More Minutes

Tues was legs, so yesterday (wed) was supposed to be upper body with a bit of cardio. It evolved into a hardcore workout where I killed it on the cardio - rock on. All by saying "just 5 more minutes"

INTENDED workout:
Run 20 minutes+ 2 AI
biceps - hammer curls
biceps - free-weight
biceps - concentration (AKA scott curls)
trcieps - kickbacks
Elipticle to finish off

ACTUAL workout:
Bike 6 minutes on level 11
biceps - hammer curls
biceps - free-weight
biceps - seated concentration
trcieps - cable superset with:
triceps - dips
Elipticle 10 minutes
--got a sip of water...then the "oh...come on, 5 more..." began...
Elipticle 5 minutes
Bike 5 minutes
Treadmill on 10% grade incline 5 minutes

YOW! my calves and hammys were crying!

I heart fitness.

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