Monday, June 29, 2009

Reaching Your Goal By Having Good Friends

My girlfriend, Nicole, and I were arranging lunch plans via text. After confirming time and location I got back to my work. Time was drawing close to that hour of our meeting and the realization hit me like a charging elephant. I texted her back, "I just realized Zenna [the restaurant] is not in the best interest of my weight loss efforts. Can we just do coffee/tea at 12 and I'll eat my sack lunch when I get back to the office? Sorry to be lame!" To which she replied "Hey if it's not in your weight loss efforts then neither is it in mine! :) coffee sounds super fantastic. I'll pick you up at 12"

We both knew that eating thai food would not be great but for the sake of the fellowship we were going to make an exception. Neither one of us really wanted to make that exception. Sometimes it takes one person to keep two on track.

Thanks Nicole for the awesome conversations over sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla lattes. I loved talking about each others lives, struggles, fitness goals, successes and future travel plans. Thanks for letting me stick to my diet, not judging it as an "obsession" and coming along side me by sharing your fitness endeavors. Good luck with your goals!

Upcoming Entry: "Calorie Counting Will Cause Fat Gain"

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