Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grocery List

Loaded up on some great stuff. My grocery list:
Yoplait light yogurt (blueberry and new pomegranate flavor!)
Skim milk (for protein shakes and cereal)
Cascadian Farm Organic cereal - Honey Toasted O's
Large eggs
All Natural Chicken Breast
Tuna in water
Ground Sirloin 98% fat free
Jello Sugar Free pudding - Banana-Chocolate
Smoked Turkey (from the deli...less sodium)
Bean Sprouts (deli style)
Carb-light tortillas (small)
Green tea bags (I heart green tea)
Light Mayo
Skim cheese sticks (Cow Pals)
Vanilla Protein (<1g sugar per scoop)
Peppridge Farm Bread - Whole grain: 15 Grain
Raw Almonds unsalted


  1. i'm going to copy your shopping list faith =P
    chris has been eating/drinking this soy protein thing...smells real good but looks funky lol

  2. tell him to get on whey protein. Whey will hit his blood stream sooner and it is better for male testosterone. Soy is great, but better for women as it promotes the production of estrogen ^_^. A good protein powder will have very very little sugar - mix with skim milk is best!