Wednesday, April 14, 2010

21-Day-Recovery-Project: Day 15

I really love that I came across a great reminder today: Psalm 73.25-26
Being injured has really given me a great opportunity to reassess what should be most important to me. My God, Luke, others. I am excited that my progress of recovery is slow because it may help me ease into finding the good balance of maintaining priority order while incorporating things (like running) in a way that is in alignment with those core priorities. Hmm..the wheels are spinning!

Its times like this when I know I need to throw a bounce off of someone so they can slap some sense into me or a " know what you're doing wrong" haha. Causing me to definitely miss one of my absolute greatest friends of all time! Germany has stolen her from me! Em!

I spo
ke with a dear friend, Annette, who might as well be my big sister. What a great encouragement. She prodded me onward!

Thanks also to everyone who comments, emails or messages me a cheer or click of a "like", you guys have been such a motivational boost! Being inactive is such a weird state of being.

I got muh hair did. Rockin Red. THANK YOU VAL!!!!


Today my girl, Mary, challenged me to a push-up-on-demand. All day, randomly (as is our personality), we texted each other and at that moment we had to drop everything and do 10 pushups. 10 was a good number, but I think next time it should be at least twice that. ;) What do you say Mar-shmack?

Meal 1: Scrambled egg, slice of turkey bacon , navel orange
Meal 2: Avocado with lemon juice
Meal 3: Farm Stand Tomato salad, ear of corn (barely steamed to maintain nutrients) and Avocado with banana slices
Meal 4: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
Meal 5: N/A
Meal 6: N/A

Broken tailbone got me down and pouty, so I started the 21 day streak of getting over the despair. #injuryrecovery at its finest!
Days since injury: 34

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