Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kill the Quote? Food is Fuel

I wanted to take some time to write about the concept of "Food is Fuel". The concept that is used to retrain your brain to understand what to put in your mouth to help you perform [on the track, in the gym, carrying groceries, etc] better. This is a wonderful simple statement that really helps you put your grocery shopping in perspective to your goals. It's easy to understand and it's a catchy phrase. THE PROBLEM is we cannot always live like that. Are you supposed to always avoid wedding cake? or never eat your mom's famous eclair? or never make your favorite pot of chili? Food is also meant to be enjoyed.

I usually do not like to talk about food this way, because many people who have not yet created the healthy-eating lifestyle will abuse this epiphany. It's sooooo easy to say "oh well I've been so good, I can treat myself this once". But that is a pit-fall.

Beware, "Food is Fuel" and "Life is too short" need to be observed in good balance.

Know your goals, stick to your goals, but know your limits. If you are too strict, too quickly you will set yourself up for failure.

Enjoy life! Be healthy, be strong and enjoy life!

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