Thursday, April 8, 2010

21-Day-Recovery-Project: Day 9

Trouble walking again, but was able to work a full day from home, so there's improvement. Still can't find a comfortable way to sit for a long period of time, but I feel like I am improving.

Not able to stand or sit for long, so was hard to read more than a page or even pull out my paints. Date night was a nice change of pace!


Pull-ups 2S/4R
Still, not feeling good enough to put more energy into a workout, but:
Iso-abs - every time I thought about it throughout the day

Meal 1: Chocolate Protein Shake (skim milk, chocolate protein)
Meal 2: oats with a few pieces of cut up dried apple and fig (Use organic, no added sugar fruits so that you are getting nothing but fruit. Dried fruits are great when you want to pack your oats in a ziploc. I can get hot water at a coffee shop or my office.)
Meal 3: Oh-my-gosh egg-white omelet
Meal 4: Avocado cubed with 1/4 banana sliced, lightly tossed with lemon juice
Meal 5: Celery with all-natural, no-sugar added peanut butter
Meal 6: DATE NIGHT - pizza? what?!

Broken tailbone got me down and pouty, so I started the 21 day streak of getting over the despair. #injuryrecovery at its finest!
Days since injury: 28

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